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Luca Romani


  • E-mail:

  • Mobile: +39 333 4916791

  • Phone: +39 055 2758463 

  • Skype: luca.romani84

  • LinkedIn:  link


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Publications: link 


Luca Romani is Research Technician at the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF) of the Università degli Studi di Firenze (Italy) since 2014. Within the REASE group Dr. Romani has the role of coordinator of LINEA laboratory, he is mainly involved on experimental activities, working actively on the development of innovative experimental methodologies, with particular focus on non-intrusive measurement techniques.

Honors, scientific/academic responsibilities and technology transfer

Dr. Romani has been involved in many funded research projects at local, national and international level, and he has participated - as a member of the research team – to many research contracts with several national and foreign industrial partners. Among others, important research partners are: Piaggio, Betamotor, Magneti Marelli, Yanmar R&D Europe, Contineltal, HPE-COXA, Unicomgroup, Baker Hughes, Pramac Group, Dorin, EDI Progetti, Spikerenewables. He has presented more than 20 papers at national and international conferences.


Research Projects & Areas of Interests

Internal Combustion Engines

  • Design and optimization of LPDI/HPDI systems for to stroke engine application

  • Development of innovative methodologies for the indirect estimation of the in-cylinder pressure

  • Development of real time control systems for engine performance optimization

  • Experimental investigation of innovative low temperature combustions 

Reciprocating Compressors

  • Experimental and theoretical analysis of the thermodynamic cycle of reciprocating compressors

  • In-cylinder pressure investigation 

 Centrifugal Compressors

  • Advanced experimental characterization of new class of H2 centrifugal compressors 

  • Stall investigation

last update: 25-Nov-2022
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