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Francesco Balduzzi



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Francesco Balduzzi was born in Figline Valdarno, Italy on 12/05/1985. He received his master degree in Mechanical Engineering on 24/09/2009 from the University of Florence, with the thesis "3D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Simulation of a 4 Stroke Indirect Injection Diesel Engine". On 27/07/2013, he attained the PhD in Industrial and Reliability Engineering, with the thesis "Development of a CFD approach for the performance prediction of reciprocating compressors".

Currently, he is Research Fellow at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence, working on CFD analysis of fluid machines and energy systems.


Research Projects & Areas of Interests

Internal combustion engines

  • CFD simulation of the in-cylinder charge motion of 2S and 4S engines

  • Development of Low Pressure Direct Injection systems (LPDI) and High Pressure

  • Direct Injection systems (HPDI): advanced CFD simulation of the combustion process

  • Direct Injection systems (HPDI): analysis of turbocharger's volute


  • Detailed CFD simulations of wind turbine airfoils

  • CFD analyses of Darrieus wind turbine and conventional HAWTs

  • Atmospheric boundary layer and non-conventional siting


  • Steady and transient CFD simulation of reciprocating compressor

  • Conjugated Heat Transfer (CHT) simulations for machines' refrigerating systems


last update: 25-Nov-2022
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