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Latest Publications

  • Bigalli, S., Catalani, I., Balduzzi, F., Matteazzi, N., Agostinelli, L., De Luca, M., & Ferrara, G. (2022). Numerical investigation on the performance of a 4-stroke engine with different passive pre-chamber geometries using a detailed chemistry solver. Energies15(14), 4968.


  • Romani, L., Bosi, L., Ciampolini, M., Raspanti, S., Balduzzi, F., Ferrara, G., ... & Fabbri, A. (2022). Experimental Assessment of the Heat Losses Due to the Adoption of a Passive Prechamber in a Jet Ignition 4-Stroke Engine (No. 2022-32-0060). SAE Technical Paper.


  • Raspanti, S., Ciampolini, M., Bigalli, S., Fabiani, A., Romani, L., & Ferrara, G. (2022, December). Numerical Investigation on the Effects of the Setting of the Load Control System of a Formula SAE Single-Cylinder Turbocharged Engine on Fuel Efficiency and Performance. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 2385, No. 1, p. 012081). IOP Publishing.
last update: 23-Feb-2023
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