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Gruppo di ricerca REASE


The general purpose of the research activities is the development of innovative solutions for energy, aimed at improving the efficiency of energy conversion and reducing the environmental impact.


In detail, the group is organized in four research teams, working on different topics. In short:

  • Reciprocating Machines - Internal Combustion Engines, Positive Displacement Compressors and Pumps, Cryogenic Pumps
  • Rotary Machines - Numerical and experimental approaches for the analysis of instabilities inside centrifugal compressors and the development of turbochargers, Aerodynamic analysis of wind turbines
  • Advanced Energy Systems - Innovative cycles for refrigeration, Renewable/fossil combined energy systems, Smart grids, Electrolyzers modeling for Hydrogen production 
  • Renewable Energies and energetic efficiency - HAWTs, VAWTs, Geothermal, Solar energy


The REASE group is able to perform technical analyses through both numerical and experimental approaches.

last update: 16-Feb-2022
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