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Gruppo di ricerca REASE

Energy and Machinery


The REASE group has a long lasting experience in the energy sector, with special focus on machinery for industrial applications and energy systems.

Regarding the first topic, many industrial partnerships have been developed during the years. In particular, the REASE group is partner of Baker Hughes (former GE Oil&Gas) in the design and analysis of large reciprocating compressors and in the experimental characterization of aerodynamic instabilities in centrifugal compressors.

In the energy sector, the group is active in the analysis and optimization of thermodynamic cycles, energy check-up of industrial processes, integration of renewables and advanced solutions into existing energy systems.

Following the common approach of the group, both experiments and numerical simulations are used upon examination of the specific application, while the common aim of supporting the effective industrial realization of the projects is always pursued.

last update: 18-Mar-2019
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