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Internal Combustion Engine Facilities

See the research page for information about the experimental activities: link to the page.

Dynamic and static test cells


Overall view of the cells. The two test cells are independent, sound-proofed and equipped with:

  • air exchange system (2 vol/min);
  • temperature, pressure and humidity monitoring;
  • CO/ CO2 detector;
  • fuel supply system: gasoline, diesel and hydrogen;
  • external fuel tanks;
  • remote control and acquisition systems.


Eddy current test benches 


Test bench 1 characteristics:

  • Apicom FR150
  • max power: 110 kW;
  • max rotational speed: 13000 rpm;
  • inertia: 0,05 kgm2.


Test bench 2 characteristics:

  • Apicom FR30
  • max power: 22 kW;
  • max rotational speed: 13000 rpm;
  • inertia:  0,0072 kgm2.


Dynamic engine test bench


Dynamic test bench characteristics:

  • Apicom EDF;
  • Electric motor: Magnetic MA160M;
  • max power: 80 kW;
  • max rotational speed: 7000 rpm;
  • inertia: 0,27 kgm2.



                                     Position and list of the main instrumentation for the dynamic test cell.


 Indicating acquisition system




                         Indimicro                                        Measuring spark plug                                          Encoder


CHP engine with instrumentation



Top view of CHP engine equipped with the necessary instrumentation for thrust and power measurements.


Scooter engine test with instrumentation


Detailed analysis of the combustion process and of the thermodynamic efficiency.

Analysis of energy losses with torque/power measurements at the crankshaft.


last update: 28-Sep-2022
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