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Energy analysis



Since its foundation, the REASE group have been working, in collaboration with numerous companies (Yanmar, Altair, etc...), on the energy analysis and optimisation of industrial processes and components. Particular emphasis has been put in these years on the integration of renewable sources into traditional power plants. The main fields of investigation are:


  • Optimisation of energy fluxes in industrial applications

    Over the years, the group has redesigned several existing industrial plants, leading to an improvement of their performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


  • Design of heat recovery and cogeneration systems

    The group has worked on several industrial projects, aimed at introducing heat recovery/cogenerative systems into existing plants.


  • Design and optimisation of hybrid renewable/fossil power plants

    in collaboration with many industrial partners, e.g. Yanmar, the group has worked on numerous projects regarding the design and optimisation of hybrid renewable/fossil power plants, both in a grid-connected and off-grid perspective. A few example are reported down below:

    • Design of a hybrid photovoltaic-wind-diesel stand-alone power plant for off-grid applications

    • Coupling a solar powered ejection cycle with a vapour

      compression refrigerating machine

    • Redesign of an existing power plant basin on the Smart User (SU) approach



  • CFD analysis of electrolyzers

    In collaboration with McPhy, CFD analysis of electrolyzers has been recently carried out. The multiphase flow of electrolyte/hydrogen has been studied with ANSYS Fluent software program.




last update: 22-Dec-2022
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