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Gruppo di ricerca REASE

Rotating Machinery


The REASE group started its research in the field of rotating machinery in 1999, when it collaborated with GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone for the experimental characterisation of rotating stall in high-pressure centrifugal compressors. From that time on, the research activities have been growing constantly, progressively including also the numerical analysis (CFD) of these machines. The research has recently been involved in other sectors, such as CFD analysis of cryogenic pumps. 

The main fields of study are:


  • Static components design and optimisation

    In the recent years, the group has been working on innovative algorithms for the CFD-based aerodynamic design and optimisation of radial machinery static components, e.g. turbocharger volutes. Particular emphasis has been put on the automatisation of the process, via the development of parametric CAD models and the definition of ad hoc optimisation criteria.






  • Experimental analysis of rotating stall phenomenology in high-pressure centrifugal compressors

    In collaboration with GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone, the group worked on the experimental analysis of the phenomenology of rotating stall in high-pressure centrifugal compressors and on the definition of new design correlations for the stall inception prediction and prevention.




  • 1-D turbocharger modelling

    numerous lumped-parameters models of the turbocharger unit have been developed by the group over the years, in order to improve its design and optimisation process in perspective of its coupling with the ICE system. Main aspects of the research have been:

    • Effect on compressor maps of regulation via Variable Inlet Guided Vanes (VIGVs)

    • Extension of CFD-based compressor maps to the minimum flow limit region via Casey & Robinson statistical method

    • Influence of E-turbo configuration on engine performance maps




  • 3-D CFD analysis and optimisation of radial machinery rotating components

    In collaboration with the TRAF Group of Prof. Arnone (website), the group has carried out various fully three-dimensional simulations of radial machinery, aimed either at optimising existing components or testing innovative design, e.g. two stage centrifugal compressor.

last update: 13-Apr-2022
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