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Pier Francesco Melani


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Pier Francesco Melani was born in Firenze, Italy on 21/02/1994. He received his master degree in Mechanical Engineering on 25/07/2018 from Politecnico di Milano, with the thesis "Experimental Assessment of an Actuator Line Simulation Tool for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines".

The work prosecuted on Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines prosecuted with the PhD course in Energy Engineering and Innovative Industrial Technologies offered by the University of Florence. The latter ended on 31/01/2022 with the discussion of the thesis "Power Augmentation of Darrieus-type Turbines by Means of Novel Solutions and Multi-Fidelity Simulations". 

Currently, he is Research Fellow at the University of Florence. Key areas of his research are the numerical analysis of medium- to small-size wind turbines, by means of both CFD and low-order models, together with their design and optimisation. Other areas of investigation are unsteady airfoil aerodynamics and siting. 


Research Projects & Areas of Interests


  • Design and optimization of medium and small-size wind turbines

  • Development of in-house simulation codes for HAWTs and VAWTs

  • CFD analyses of Darrieus wind turbine and conventional HAWTs

  • Unsteady aerodynamics   

  • Wind resource assessment and siting
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