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Advances in Renewable Energy

Teacher: Ing. Alessandro Bianchini

Language: Italian

Course duration: 48 hours

College credits: 6 CFU


Learning objectives: Aim of the course it to provide the students an overview about the diffusion and the status of the research in the most important renewable energy technologies.


Course content:

  • Introduction to renewable energy and their current status of development

  • Wind energy

  • Solar energy

  • Geothermal energy

  • Tidal energy

  • Smart Grids


The course is integrated by the following seminars: 

  • Biofuel production from waste

  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology

  • Experimental analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) for microgeneration

  • Introduction to the Qblade software


Course website: link

last update: 16-Feb-2022
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