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Development and Innovation in Internal Combustion Engines

Teacher: Prof. Ing. Giovanni Ferrara

Language: Italiano

Course duration: 48 hours

College credits: 6 CFU


Learning objective: The aim of this course is to provide a window on the most innovative issues related to the Internal Combustion Engine field. Topics related to the combustion process, the turbocharging, the pollutant and the acoustic emission control are dealt considering both the scientific literature and the main innovations on the market. 


Course content:

  • Recall on ICE concepts: Main engine parameters, Power and Efficiency, Characteristics curves, Partial load, Combustion

  • New approaches for the combustion process: HCCI and LTC

  • Supercharging: Main developments, TC-engine coupling

  • Two stroke engine: New developments, Direct Injection

  • Exhaust emissions: Emissions formation processes, Regulations, Referenced cycles

  • Acoustic Emissions and silencers

  • Heat exchange in engine components

  • Biofuels 

  • Hybrid systems


Course website: link

last update: 16-Feb-2022
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