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Internal Combustion Engines

Teacher: Prof. Ing. Giovanni Ferrara

Language: Italiano

Course duration: 48 hours

College credits: 6 CFU


Learning objective: The aim of this course is to provide the technical basis and the main thermo-fluidodynamic aspects of Internal Combustion Engines in such a way to understand the design criteria and to analyse the performance.


Course content:

  • Fields of employment, typical parameters, geometrical and cinematic quantities

  • Indicated and effective quantities, characteristic curves, user-ICE coupling, ICE-vehicle integration

  • Influencing terms of intake process in 4 and 2 strokes engine

  • Power control and regulation: partial load working condition

  • Overview on the main systems for fuel supplying: indirect and direct fuel injection

  • Charge motion analysis: flow characterization (swirl, tumble, squish)

  • Spark ignition combustion: flame propagation, heat release law formulation, anomalous combustions

  • Auto-ignition combustion: ignition delay, heat release law formulation, direct injection systems (Common Rail, pump injector)


Course website: link


last update: 16-Feb-2022
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