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Stefano Cioni


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Stefano Cioni was born in Figline Valdarno on the 9th of February 1996. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence in 2018. He then focused on the study of energy systems, graduating in Energy Engineering at the University of Florence in 2021. During the master’s degree he carried out an internship at the Technical University of Berlin which allowed him to take part in a wind tunnel experimental campaign of a model wind turbine. The internship was concluded with the Master’s thesis: ”Tip Vortex identification methods in a model wind turbine based on Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements”.

After working six months as a performance test engineer at SINT Technology s.r.l., in November 2021 he started the PhD course in industrial engineering in “Energy and Innovative Industrial and Environmental Technologies” offered by the University of Florence.

Research Projects & Areas of Interests


  • Analysis and simulation of cryogenic pumps

Wind Energy

  • Tip vortex analysis in horizontal-axis wind turbines
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