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ART Summer School 2021

Summer School on Advanced Research in Turbomachinery (ART)


Date: 28th June -2nd July 2021

Goals: The school is aimed at providing young engineering professionals with an overview on some of the most relevant issues of the present turbomachinery research. For each topic, the current state of the art is first presented, both from a theoretical and a technical point of view. Concrete examples of applied research are then presented, with special focus on the latest developments and breakthrough technologies.


  • turbomachinery aerodynamics 
  • aeroelasticity and aeroacoustics
  • heat transfer and cooling
  • two-phase flows
  • radial machinery and turbochargers
  • uncertainty quantification
  • wind energy
  • multi-scale modeling
  • gas turbine combustion
  • hydraulic machines







last update: 16-Feb-2022
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